Gift Wrapping Hacks Part 2

Gift Wrapping Hacks Part 2

Gift Wrapping Hacks Part 2

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If you missed my post from yesterday (Gift Wrapping Hacks Part 1) you can read that here!

Today’s posts I want to share some last minute tips on how you can embellish gifts, and what to do when you hit an unexpected snag (no pun intended)  when wrapping your gifts. Look for Part 3 later today for those!

First off, if you have a simple solid color paper, you can use a flashier ribbon or bow to accent. Alternatively, if your package is wrapped in a busy pattern-and let’s face it, most are- you can go with a solid color bow. Sometimes though, you can mix/match if the patterns don’t clash.

Here’s a cool way to get a 3d effect from your gift wrap! If you have any beaded garland, you can use this and make a snowflake design on the package. You will want to secure the garland frequently with either tape or hot glue. Top with a bow to make the package really stand out!  Would you believe the  pretty brown paper is just a plain brown lunch bag? Pretty cool huh?

red bead wrap tutorial

I only recently learned how to make a floral bow when I started making wreaths, but if you don’t know how to do one, it’s worth googling. Basically here you wrap the ribbon around the package, then you make a bow with floral ribbon (with the wire around both the edges). Then you just take the other side and tie up, then fluff it out! This is one of my favorite looks! And guess what? I used the same paper bags for this gift!

red ribbon bow tutorial



This is one of the more fun things I have done! What’s so great about this particular bow is that anyone can do it. You can even let your kids help, as the strips of paper really don’t have to be perfect. You simply start by connecting the two ends of one strip together (making a circle) and repeat. Every time you repeat this step, you’re going to rotate the strip. I start making a “+ “shape, then an “*” shape, then just kept adding them till I ran out. The wider or thinner they are, and the shorter or longer they are will give a different look for the bow.  When you are finally done, you’ll want to add a small circle of paper strip stapled to the center of the bow itself. This is when I added the pipe cleaner, but you could add whatever embellishment you wanted. It was so easy, and I love that even the kids can get in on this one!


blue bow tutorial


Lastly I have a few other tips for you as you are finishing up your gift wrapping coming up in my next post later today! Be sure to check back on the blog or our Facebook page  for more posts!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

-The Mama

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