Gift wrapping Hacks Part 3

Gift wrapping Hacks Part 3

Gift wrapping Hacks Part 3

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Lastly I have a few other tips for you as you are finishing up your gift wrapping. I already shared yesterday that you can actually use more than just traditional wrapping paper for wrapping your gifts.

The first thing I want to show you guys is this.

Did you know you can actually wrap a gift with tissue paper? It may be slightly time consuming, but when you’re in a pinch without any more regular paper you may not have time to run to the store! You can even alternate paper if you don’t have all the same color. And guess what?! It’s actually okay if it doesn’t cover the whole present.  Start by wrapping one sheet around (or if you have several sheets, you can do 2-3 at a time) and tape tightly. Then, alternately the direction, start by covering the part that got left uncovered the last go round. Continue this process until the item is no longer seen through the paper. I recommend saving at least 2 sheets of the same color for the very last layers, so it looks the same. Then just top with a ribbon or bow, and you’re good to go!!


tissue paper wrapping   tissue paper wrapping step 3



green tissue paper     loop bow green paper

Next up, I have a really cool trick for you that I just learned THIS week!!! This one will be a money saver for sure!

Have you ever had the problem of cutting paper down to what you thought would be the right shape or long/wide enough, and it ended up just being off by a little bit?  Then  you have a wasted pieced of paper  that you can’t wrap anything with. While I can’t say I’m near as fast as this guy ( Easy Diagonal Wrapping Video),  I can say really really love this technique. I am so used to the traditional lateral lines on wrapping paper (and tons of excess you cut off and waste), that this never occurred to me!

Basically instead of wrapping the traditional way, you start by putting the box at an angle against the edge of the paper so a small triangle is left below the gift. Continue wrapping all the way around, tucking and neatly folding the paper as you go.  Easy Peasy!

diagonal wrapping cartoons 1   cartoon paper




Last off is another take on this same concept! Did you know there is a use for those little bits of paper on the end of the wrap that get cut off as excess? Make sure that you scoot the gift over to the furthest edge it will allow and still having enough paper, and then the excess scrap will only have to be cut off from one side. That will allow you to wrap larger gifts with the scraps. For smaller presents, the smaller strips of scraps will be able to be used as well. Start by placing the box on the paper at an angle, and taping it to the box itself. Then continue around diagonally, taping and folding very tightly as you go!  No more cutting out a teeny section from a wide roll of paper or throwing away scraps.

I would also suggest rolling your all your longer scraps around an old wrapping paper tube and keeping them together. Then you can paper clip them to the roll when you put them up for storage!

hannah watch 1

Ta da!!!!!

final present done



Here are a few more money saving tips!

1. Have scissors handy when you cut your tape pieces. When you pull them off the tape dispenser, you are usually forced to pull a bigger piece than you need. When you have that piece in your finger tips, go ahead and trim it into 2-4 smaller pieces. Then stick them to each finger and you don’t have to worry with trying to get more tape off the dispenser while holding the wrapping in place! Plus this will save you money when tape is a precious commodity at the last minute!

2. If you run out of tape, or are running low, consider using stickers or even a dab of  hot glue. You can utilize the gift tag sticker to seal the final wrapping paper edge if it comes out on top or on the side.

3. If the present is irregularly shaped and you don’t want to wrap in a gift bag, look around your house for other boxes you could make use of. In addition to shipping boxes, you could also use Cereal boxes, Capri Sun Boxes, or other sturdy boxes you have laying around! Repurposing is your friend here! Remember it’s going to get covered in paper anyways and maybe it will surprise your gift recipient too!

4. Don’t forget about my post for unconventional wrapping ideas here if you run out of regular paper. I used things like a ball of yard, comic papers or newspaper, a brown paper bag, and even an old toilet paper roll!

5. If the item has sharp, jagged edges, consider wrapping in tissue paper (or putting inside another box) before wrapping in your regular paper to prevent tearing. If the item is soft, fluffy and uneven (like a stuffed animal) you can put the item in a plastic bag, and wrap tissue paper around that, taping it to give it a more regular shape. Rolling up some strategically placed tissue paper inside the bag for the parts that are uneven will give it a more uniform look. Then you can proceed to wrap as usual!

6. If you run out of bows, make your own!  You can make bows from any type of paper or ribbon-use what you got! I made a bow out of wrapping paper that matched the present, but you could use scrapbook paper and jewels, ribbon, magazines, Pipe cleaners, tissue paper…the sky’s the limit!  Check out my tips on bow making here from my post Gift Wrapping Hacks Part 2!

7. When in doubt, don’t stress if it doesn’t come out perfect! Remember while a well wrapped gift is fun and festive, the paper will get torn off anyways, so it’s not worth spending a ton of money on it! Dollar store is my favorite place to shop for wrapping paper because you can get a variety of styles for just $1!  No sense in spending a ton of money on that. They also have tissue paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, bows, and everything else you could need!!!


I hope you have found all these tips helpful, but more importantly,  I wish you and yours a very blessed Christmas. With all this gift giving, Don’t forget the greatest gift of all-Jesus!!!

-the mama




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