Harry Potter Inspired Charm Bracelet

Harry Potter Inspired Charm Bracelet

Harry Potter Inspired Charm Bracelet

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It’s no secret that Melissa and I have a business where we design and create handmade jewelry.

bracelet collage

Please check us out at All for Him Jewelry


We’ve been doing this for almost a year and while we have fun creating beautiful pieces like those above, we secretly enjoy creating our fan jewelry more! Melissa and I both have a passion for our fandoms. We love Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Dr. Who! Today I wanted to introduce our Harry Potter Inspired Charm Bracelet.


hp bracelet (1)

Our Harry Potter Inspired Charm Bracelet, consists of lots of charms that represent different aspects of the books and movies! The charms include–

Handmade flying key
Hogwarts Admission Letter
Wizard hat
Wizard’s Chess Knight
Gryffindor Scarf
Handmade Golden Snitch
Silver Heart
Hogwarts Express
Whomping Willow
Neville’s Toad


These bracelets can be custom ordered to include any other charms you might like! We have lots that aren’t included on this bracelet so if you have something else you might like just let us know!!


hp bracelet 2 (1)


We can custom make the size as well, the normal length is about 7 inches though.

Here’s a direct link to the bracelet!


Harry Potter Inspired Charm Bracelet

We’d love to hear what your favorite Harry Potter memories are!! Please leave us a comment here with any ideas you might have as well!

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