The Faithless Servant

The Faithless Servant

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So it’s no secret that the blog part of our ministry has fallen by the wayside. There have been plenty of times that I’ve wanted to blog, but for one reason or another, it got put on the backburner. Life has gotten so busy – I know you guys are probably there too – and our jewelry business has grown and taken off in ways we would not have dreamed possible!

In an effort to be transparent though, my own walk- that intimate closeness to God afforded to us by our High Priest Jesus – has been sorely neglected lately. I find myself wandering in the desert spiritually, through no fault but my own. It was me that paused, hesitated, and God, knowing and loving me deeply, has patiently waited for me. I spoke with a friend today, and I caught myself referring to this as my butthead phase. It’s true. But we are stupid humans, running around on this earth like ….well like we own the place … so it’s only a matter of time before we cause ourselves (and likely others) headaches or heartaches from our own pigheadedness. Is that a word? I’m making it a word. Pigheadedness. Anyhow…sorry, ADD moment. Squirrel!

I did take a little time today to think on God’s word and some verses in particular, and God is already showing me things. I just had to open my ears and be willing to listen. But God’s word also says, “Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only,” so I would be remiss if I did not act on it as well.

I’ve been struggling as of recent, with various health problems, some newly diagnosed and some not. One of the biggest is my own mental health, which causes exhausting brain fog, migraines, extreme fatigue, but I also battle with joint pain (which sucks for someone who uses tools on a daily basis!)and just feeling that general zombie like functioning that is just where I’m at right now in my life. I find no fault in God for this whatsoever, as no one has a pain free or struggle free life. However, it has made it easy to make excuses for myself as well.

In my moments with God today, I read Matthew 25, which has the parable of talents. If you have not read it, or aren’t super familiar with it, I would encourage you to read it today.  The short version is this:

The master of the household is going away for a while, and he gives 3 of his servants the responsibility of being entrusted with his money -aka resources. The first is given 5 of something-we’ll call it bags of gold. The second is given 2 bags of gold, and the last is only, quite wisely I might add, given 1 bag of gold.

When the master returns, the first presents him with a 100% return on his investment in them. He now has 10 bags of gold. The second has also doubled his investment, and now has 4 bags. The first, goes and digs up the 1 bag of gold, which he had quite foolishly buried.

The master of the household praises the first 2 servants, acknowledging that because of their efforts, they can be entrusted with even more!

The 3rd servant gets put on blast. What is interesting here though, is what his reasons were for burying the gold:

  1. Resentment. He resented his master for what he called, “reaping where he did not sow.” He was angry at his master for getting the glory for, in his perspective, what other’s did. How many times do we get frustrated or even angry, when we feel cheated. A boss or coworker may get the credit for a project we helped with too. We get passed over for something we felt we deserved. Perhaps, he was resentful that despite his lack of faith in his master, he was given little in comparison to the others. We get mad at God for what we feel is an injustice, even blaming Him for his inaction, while others get away with wrongs. Because of our own inward focus and failure to see the bigger picture-that the master has entrusted us with anything at all- we become ineffective, and stubbornly unwilling to do what he has asked of us.
  2. Fear. The servant, being representative of the everyman, is not lacking in depth of character, that’s for sure. Fear is a big thing that keeps us from moving forward with what God has entrusted us with, called us to, or where he has directed us to go. He says go, and we hesitate, being overly anxious about what may lie ahead. He says jump, and instead of just going for it, we panic about the possibility that we may fall! There is absolutely NO trust in God in this! Fear is the opposite of faith. Is it scary when we take that first step out in the water? Absolutely. But don’t take your eyes of Jesus, and you will experience something amazing! The servant missed out on that amazing experience, (that when you have the faith of a mustard seed, you see it magnified exponentially by God’s faithfulness!) of seeing his investment double. He may have been entrusted with very little, but when that doubled, had he been faithful instead of fearful, his master would have entrusted him with more. Are you making wise investments, with your money, time…with your life? When you stand before God in heaven, will you hold your head down because you know you were stagnant out of fear? What big things is God calling you to that you are missing out on, due to inaction out of fear?
  3. Laziness. His master flat out calls him lazy, for being entrusted with something he completely wasted an opportunity to do big things with. Keep in mind here, his master only gave him a little to begin with, and he literally refused the opportunity to do anything with it. An obviously wise decision, as we can see, on the master’s part. He then throws the servant out, “into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Whoa. This just got real. Like, we’re not in Kansas anymore, real. Why do I get the feeling Jesus isn’t just talking about money…because He’s not. He’s talking about a LIFE wasted. The gift of salvation, and Christ’s heart and willingness to invest in US as people, with a relationship, was wasted. So, the servant, by his own selfish inaction and refusal to simply accept what was offered to him, earned him a spot in Hell. Wow.

SO, and I’m talking to myself here. What makes your life a wise investment? What are you doing in your life to make much of Jesus? We only have a short time here, and we need to make the most of it. I know for me, I have been overly cautious with our business expanding, out of fear of failing. I realized though, that my fear of failing was actually sincerely attributed to my desire for other people’s approval, rather than God’s. I will never experience the fullness of God’s faithfulness, without my sincerest eagerness to walk toward him, blinders on to the world, in the middle of the ocean.


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